Sunday, 8 November 2009

How to Jailbreak iPod 2G 3.1.2

ipodyou probably accidentally upgraded your iPod firmware and base ware to 3.1.2 because iTunes asked if you wanted to but that was a mistake because it well, pretty much fucked everything up right and then you couldn't find an application that would jailbreak it right? Well now you can and actually its a piece of piss.


2: Open blackra1n.exe

3: Attach iPod

4: Click Make it Rain on blackra1n

5: It will do everything for you don't even touch your iPod

6: after it reboots and blackra1n pops up close it

7: go into iTunes and sync it up again

There you go piece of piss no DFU fiddling about its EASY!



Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

Rating: 2/10 (Shockingly Bad) Genre: Crime  | Drama  |  Thriller Run Time: 01:45:30 Release Date: 31 July 2009 (UK)

When I watched the original film I thought it was quite rgood the storyline planning and overall structure of the film so I assumed that the remake directed by Tony Scott and Written By Brian Helgeland who tries to make it too cool that he turned it into a childish immature movie, especially at the start the use of pointless swearing for example I quote,

“He tells me to get my crunchy
fucking fucknuts the fuck outta there.”

Its pointless, however there are some redemptions in the form of Denzel Washington not being physically able to deliver a bad role but then the foul mouthed “Ryder” played by Travolta is impossible to take seriously because of the incredibly bad script!

Do yourself a favour skip this rubbish and buy the original!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Get around those pesky BGFL Filters

Most of you know that BGFL screens most of the web to stop  anything bad getting through but this may also cause annoyance when trying to get to YouTube™ or Facebook™ and unfortunately there is no way to get around it until somebody uses their brain. Somebody like me.

For this experiment you will need;-

A constant internet connection at home, A USB Pen drive, This software – Team Viewer Portable.

  1. Download Team Viewer Portable (NOT U3)clip_image002[4]
  2. double click it to install and put your pen drive as the directory
  3. once it has installed install it once again using your desktop as the directory
  4. then open the desktop directory and open the TeamViewer3 Portable.exe it should say an I.D. and a password write these down.image
  5. leave your home pc on the internet and turned on and take your USB Pen drive to school.
  6. When your at school open the pen drive directory and double click TeamViewer3 Portable.exe
  7. insert your home computers I.D. and click connect connect to partner it will then ask you your password which you should of wrote down.image
  8. then when you have connected use the internet on your own pc therefore no pesky blockings.

You have to allow it through windows firewall though so i suggest you turn it off at home its pretty useless anyway.




Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Firefly: For goram Sake Bring it Back!

6a00d8341bf7f753ef00e54f2dcbcf8833-800wiNow there are a lot of websites around supporting and putting down  the return of firefly however I believe its the one of the best sci-fi programs and films ever made because it is a cross between pirates, westerns and future genres. I enjoyed season one so much i wanted more and when the film came out i was extremely happy but after which is now 5 years its left me hungry for more I don't mean to beg but i really do want joss to do something either definitely confirm its off or confirm the sale to Ace Underhill who I'm still a bit wary of, however he seems fairly reputable (for imageexample his imdb page is quite interesting). For those of you who don't no (WARNING SPOILER UP AHEAD) Wash (Alan Tudyk) Dies  in the movie serenity and it would be disappointing if they didn't include him in the next season if they actually did one so i suppose that the writers could like bring him back alive by like plotting that the Alliance saved him in one of their hospitals and they caught him to interrogate him about where mal broadcast the data and where the agent is that mal didn’t kill. It is a bit of a bum plot but hey my name isn't Joss Whedon. You might think I'm image going on about everyone else but the main character Malcolm “mal” Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) Unfortunately he doesn’t seem that interested in doing a second season and most of the other cast haven't voiced there opinions either. Nathan has gone on to be the voice talent of Buck in Halo 3: ODST (orbital drop shock trooper) The Cast Below Also Includes Adam Baldwin And Alan Tudyk. But hell If i had the money I'd fund it myself and pay joss like 5 million for one series that’s how much i love firefly. feel free to comment.


Thursday, 20 August 2009

American Theme Pack Windows 7

American Flag

That's right now with windows 7 i have decided to create a theme pack to share with my blog readers if i have any i don't know but oh well. There are Several Wallpapers of American landmarks such as The Hollywood Sign and The Lincoln Memorial and more. I hope you enjoy them, the color scheme is Twilight. Windows 7 Is very customisable which i like, I thought at first that the taskbar was very


thick and that discouraged me from upgrading from vista but you can change that very easily by right-clicking and selecting Use Small Icons From the Three checkboxes. And then apply this makes the buttons as well as the taskbar smaller like vista. if you want to have labels on your taskbar windows pictured below change Taskbar Buttons to Never Combine from the dropdown list. Thanks For Reading Enjoy Windows 7.


Download Theme pack Here

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tango With Added Tango


I went to the shop yesterday and saw something called tango with added tango, i thought for 59p that's not bad (it was a big can) and it was only when i got home and started drinking it that i noticed that the abbreviation for it is **at (shown on the right) I believe as well I'm not the first to notice this somebody has already alerted Britvic and they stated,

“It was purely coincidental”

Even though i found it absolutely hilarious i don't think parents with younger children will be monumentally thrilled that now even a soft drink contains a Obscenity!

Video On how to Get 50p Free Credit


How to get 50p Free Credit

Monday, 17 August 2009

50p Free Credit With Special Packs…


This seems interesting if you pick up a bottle or can of Dr. Pepper,  Sprite, Coke Etc. You go to a website called Dr Pepper 50p mobile creditNOT to be mistaken for and you get 50p worth of credit credited to your phone. However you might think.

Hmm, What's the Catch?

Nothing Actually it works with most Phone Companies including Orange, 3, T-Mobile, O2, Virgin, Vodafone and The Supermarket Ones, Tesco And ASDA. You go to their website mentioned above and enter the code into the flash based menu (pictured at the bottom) and click on the submit button and it says it will be credited to your phone within 48 hours or "2 Days” in simple peoples terms ;) The only problem is you can do this only 1 everyday and only 8 times all together. But can you blame them for the cans its 50% of what they cost originally!


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Quick Ponder

Do you think if you drank Coke and ate Mentos you'd explode?

Man Sucks Mentos And Drinks Coke :P

Google Auto Reply


Suggestion for Google :P

they’ve recently changed its name to Out of Office Reply even though the holiday name made more sense to me using that name. But that's off topic

My Suggestion is that they should have a timer on the application of the auto reply for example,

Google Mail Auto Reply:

Google Auto Reply Will Start on [DATE] And End on [DATE]

I suggest this scheduler format so if someone is away on recurring instances they wouldn’t need to keep enabling and disabling it.