Thursday, 20 August 2009

American Theme Pack Windows 7

American Flag

That's right now with windows 7 i have decided to create a theme pack to share with my blog readers if i have any i don't know but oh well. There are Several Wallpapers of American landmarks such as The Hollywood Sign and The Lincoln Memorial and more. I hope you enjoy them, the color scheme is Twilight. Windows 7 Is very customisable which i like, I thought at first that the taskbar was very


thick and that discouraged me from upgrading from vista but you can change that very easily by right-clicking and selecting Use Small Icons From the Three checkboxes. And then apply this makes the buttons as well as the taskbar smaller like vista. if you want to have labels on your taskbar windows pictured below change Taskbar Buttons to Never Combine from the dropdown list. Thanks For Reading Enjoy Windows 7.


Download Theme pack Here

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Anonymous said...

cool I liked the backgrounds but there werent any custom sounds but 8/10 for effort and backgrounds