Friday, 18 September 2009

Get around those pesky BGFL Filters

Most of you know that BGFL screens most of the web to stop  anything bad getting through but this may also cause annoyance when trying to get to YouTube™ or Facebook™ and unfortunately there is no way to get around it until somebody uses their brain. Somebody like me.

For this experiment you will need;-

A constant internet connection at home, A USB Pen drive, This software – Team Viewer Portable.

  1. Download Team Viewer Portable (NOT U3)clip_image002[4]
  2. double click it to install and put your pen drive as the directory
  3. once it has installed install it once again using your desktop as the directory
  4. then open the desktop directory and open the TeamViewer3 Portable.exe it should say an I.D. and a password write these down.image
  5. leave your home pc on the internet and turned on and take your USB Pen drive to school.
  6. When your at school open the pen drive directory and double click TeamViewer3 Portable.exe
  7. insert your home computers I.D. and click connect connect to partner it will then ask you your password which you should of wrote down.image
  8. then when you have connected use the internet on your own pc therefore no pesky blockings.

You have to allow it through windows firewall though so i suggest you turn it off at home its pretty useless anyway.





Chris Hatton said...

MWAH. ;]

Your sexifully.

robert45player4 said...

unfortuneately the firewalls dont let the program have access to the internet so its lan only :( also the same with the portable messenger app, How annoying